Frequently Asked Questions

The main core components of our portable solar power station products: hardware, software, BMS, structure, ID, etc., are all independently developed and produced by our company.

A strong R&D team, independent research and development and production of main parts, control product quality from the source, can be listed for production, and shipped quickly.

Yes, but there is a minimum order quantity requirement.

Yes, all products support pass-through charging.
But we don’t recommend using it like this very frequently, as it will cause certain damage to battery life.

Yes, all epower power stations have a built-in MPPT controller

Different mobile solar power station products have different delivery dates, and the quantity ordered will also affect the delivery time. For specific delivery times, please consult us.

This needs to be judged according to the capacity of the product you buy, such as epower portable power station 600W, it has 2*110V/600W AC output (pure sine wave), so it can power most devices below 600W.

Yes, you can use more power solar panels for quicker charging, but the Souop power station 1200W have limited the solar charging input power to 240W max,to promise the safety of battery.

Due to the big size of epowers Power Stations & Solar Panels, PO Box address can not be accepted.

Because the system is pr-set, when the battery voltage is <28V, the AC output will be automatically turned off, mainly to prevent the high current output from damaging the battery. But the DC terminal can continue to discharge to 0%.

Yes, but it needs to meet the following requirements to be compatible: 7909 connector, the positive and negative poles of the interface are the same (center inner wall +, shell -), open circuit voltage <28V

All our products are guaranteed for 2 years. For general minor problems, our company will issue maintenance instructions and express spare parts. Customers can repair and replace spare parts by themselves according to the instructions. If it cannot be repaired within the warranty period, our company will provide a new product replacement.

Please store the power station at 0-40℃. When not in use, please charge it once every three months to keep the battery power above 50%.

For details, please read the product manual carefully. As long as the non-inductive load does not exceed our rated load.

Working time (estimation) = 992Wh* 0.88 / operating power of your device. (0.88=Conversion Rate)

Please kindly know the use time of our equipment is subject to laboratory data, and the specific equipment use time may vary.

Solar panels and power stations are not waterproof. It is not recommended to use them in the rain, because water will damage the connection ports. In order to maximize the service life of the device, make sure to retrieve the panel when it rains.

EPOWER standard 200W adapter: Appr. 6 hours

Car charging 96W: Appr.12 hours

200W Solar panel: Fastest 8 hours, it depends on the intensity of the sunlight.

When charging, the fan will always work at a low speed to help dissipate heat.

When the AC output switch is turned on, the fan will start for a few seconds. This is when the system is testing whether the fan can work normally.

Other situations: The system adjusts the optimal fan speed according to the total output power and the temperature of the internal components.

Fully charge it every 6 months for best results and store it between -20 and 65°C. Keep your portable power station away from heat sources and direct sunlight to extend its service life.

We have long-term cooperative freight forwarders, specializing in battery transportation.