LG F1L 18650 6.63V 3350mAh 4.875A Battery INR18650F1L

  • Cell model LG INR18650F1L
  • Typical capacity 3350mAh
  • Minimum capacity 3250mAh
  • Nominal voltage 3.63V
  • Maximum discharge current 4.875A
  • Cell specification Datasheet download
  • Applications LED flashlight, Toys, Electronics power devices


  • 4.875A maximum discharge current

    LG INR18650F1L 3350mAh battery maximum discharge current 4.875A, widely use on LED flashlights; Toys Electronics power devices.

  • High discharge performance

    LG INR18650F1L battery provide powerful and constant power to the device or equipment, the discharge curve is quiet beautiful with high current load.

  • Fast charge and no memory effect

    Maximum continuous charge current 1625mA, can be full charged in about 3.5 hours. LG Li-ion 18650 battery has no memory effect and with minimal self-discharge.

  • Reliable and safe

    LG Chem is the leader of Li-ion 18650 battery technology, provide only reliable batteries, it is 100% safe by using the battery according to the cell datasheet.

Items Specifications Notes
Nominal capacity 3350mAh 0.2C discharge, 2.5V cut-off
Nominal voltage 3.63V 0.2C discharge
Nominal energy 12.16Wh Capacity(Ah) × Voltage(V)
Charging voltage 4.20 ± 0.05V
Charging current 975mA 丨1625mA Standard丨Rapid
Charging time 5.0 hours 丨3.5 hours Standard丨Rapid
Charging method CC – CV Constant current, constant voltage
Continuous discharge current 650mA 丨4875mA Standard丨Maximum
Peak discharge current 5A Within a short time
Discharge end voltage 2.5V Discharge cut-off voltage
Dimensions 18.29mm丨65.15mm Diameter丨Height
Typical weight 49g 1.73 oz
Charge temperature range +0 ~ +60°C +50 ~ 110°F
Discharge temperature range -10 ~ +45°C -4 ~ +140°F
Storage temperature -10 ~ +45°C Within 3 months

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