LiFePO4 Single Cell 3.2V 80Ah LFP80

  • Model:LFP80
  • Voltage:3.2V
  • Capacity:80Ah
  • Size :L170*W130*T36.7 mm
  • Battery Type: LiFePO4


Nominal Technical Parameter
No. Item Parameter Remark
1 Nominal capacity 82Ah (25±2)℃, Standard charge/discharge
2 Nominal voltage 3.2V
3 AC Impedance resistance (1KHz) ≤0.5mΩ
4 Standard charge/discharge Current of charge/discharge 0.5C/0.5C (25±2)℃
Cut-off voltage of charge/discharge 3.65V/2.5V
5 Maximum current of charge/discharge Constant charge/discharge 1C/1C Refer to constant/pulse charge or discharge MAP
charge/discharge (30s)
6 Recommend SOC window 10%~90% N.A.
7 Charge temperature 0℃~55℃ Refer to constant/pulse charge or discharge MAP
8 Discharge temperature -20℃~55℃
9 Storage temperature 1 month -20℃~45℃ N.A.
1 year 0℃~35℃
10 Storage humidity <95%
11 Self-discharge rate per month ≤3%/per
(25±2)℃,30%~50%SOC storage
12 Size Width 130.3±0.3mm Refer to appendix 1
Height (total) 170.5±0.5mm
Height (subject) 165.5±0.5mm
Tabs distance 114.6±1.0mm
13 Weight 1680±50g

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